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egetables West, Grower & PCA is the only vegetable publication in California with verifiable circulation. Vegetables West leads in circulation to vegetable growers and PCAs in the West. Reaching more than 5,500 growers and PCAs with the stories and information essential for today’s vegetable growers, Vegetables West covers the West.

First published in 1996, from cole crops to cucurbits, from legumes to nurseries, from bulbs to rooting vegetables, and from small growers to large, Vegetables West covers them all. There are no stories that do not relate directly and exclusively to the vegetable industry, and it is the only publication that covers exclusively the western vegetable industry. That is why vegetable growers and PCAs turn first, and some exclusively, to Vegetables West, Grower & PCA for their vegetable industry news and information.

Total Qualified Subscribers: 5787

Growers 79.5%
PCAs and Consultants 16.9%
Packer/Processor 1%
Educator/Researchers 1.9%
Associations/Commissions .1%
Others Allied to the Field .1%


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