Email Sponsorship Positions

Email Sponsorship Positions


Email sponsorships are a popular marketing opportunity that is available for all of our brands.  We guarantee, at minimum, four emails, in the month sponsored, will be sent with your banner ad, although it is common to send more. All sponsor banners are the same in size, but vary in position.  Positions available are (refer to diagram):

  • Leaderboard
  • Ad placement 1
  • Ad Placement 2
  • Ad Placement 3
  • Ad Placement 4


  • File types accepted: JPG, GIF static only. No rotating, animated or rich media
  • Image Size: 564×90
  • Ad must include 1px width black border to emphasize it is an ad
  • Click through link should be provided with ad
  • Max file size: 50k

Available Through These Brands: