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Thank you for considering Malcolm Media • Ag Publishing as a partner to reach the valuable California and western agricultural markets. Since 1992 we have published the finest, most informative agricultural publications in the West. Our editorial team are journalistically talented with backgrounds and extensive experience in agriculture. Our publications are read by more growers, producers, and pest control advisors (PCAs), are requested in writing more often, and offer the most significant, beneficial editorial of any industry publications. Our constant flow of fresh news makes CaliforniaAgNet.com the place to go for ag news 24/7. Malcolm Media publications are best read in their fields, and the best choice for your advertising if you wish to reach the growers and producers of the richest and most diverse agricultural region in the world.

Welcome to our family.

-Dan Malcolm, Publisher/ Editor-In-Chief


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Growers Are Saying…

The technical information that is gained by reading American Vineyard magazine is really valuable to myself and others.  We don’t always get into town mingling with other growers, but it’s great to read about them and their management practices in the magazine and see what is going on in the industry.  It’s a great link to learning from our peers and mentors, and helps us become better farmers.  There is so much to be learned and gained from this publication.

-Brent Young, Sonoma County Wine Grape Grower

-Brent Young, <em>Sonoma County Wine Grape Grower</em>

I’m Steve Koretoff with Nick Koretoff Ranches and Purity Organics, and the best way to reach me is through Pacific Nut Producer Magazine… If I’m looking for spray equipment, a tiller, or other almond related products and services, Pacific Nut Producer magazine is a great resource to find what I need.  I really enjoy the almond orchard tasks in the magazine, and reading about the latest research by the UC Cooperative Extension.

-Steve Koretoff, Kerman Almond Grower

-Steve Koretoff, <em>Kerman Almond Grower</em>
I get a lot of magazines in the mail, but I really enjoy reading the citrus-related editorial and advertisements in California Fresh Fruit Magazine.

-Keith Harrison, Fresno County Citrus Grower

-Keith Harrison, <em>Fresno County Citrus Grower</em>

California Dairy Magazine is very resourceful. I enjoy reading it, especially when there’s a story on something I’m particularly dealing with on the dairy at the time.

-Frank Mendonsa, President of Western United Dairymen

-Frank Mendonsa, <em>President of Western United Dairymen</em>

There is always a familiar face in American Vineyard Magazine.  I enjoy reading about my friends in the industry.  There’s always great content, beautiful photography & helpful ads.

-Lenny Villagomez, Table Grape Grower & Farm Labor Contractor in Sanger, CA

-Lenny Villagomez, <em>Table Grape Grower & Farm Labor Contractor in Sanger, CA</em>

It is great to read about what other growers are doing in American Vineyard Magazine and learn about new materials and technologies available in the industry.

-Frank Villanueva, Carneros AVA Wine Grape Grower

-Frank Villanueva, <em>Carneros AVA Wine Grape Grower</em>

I’m very busy on the farm, but I always take the time to read about growing pistachios in Pacific Nut Producer

-Martin Ochoa, Terra Bella Farm Labor Contractor, and manager of 280 Acres of Pistachios

-Martin Ochoa, <em>Terra Bella Farm Labor Contractor, and manager of 280 Acres of Pistachios</em>

American Vineyard Magazine is a great source of ideas for new & different vineyard management practices I can recommend to my growers & incorporate.  I also enjoy reading it to stay current on what is going on in the various grape industries.

-Lowell Zelinski, Vineyard Consultant & President of the Independent Grape Growers of Paso Robles Area

-Lowell Zelinski, <em>Vineyard Consultant & President of the Independent Grape Growers of Paso Robles Area</em>

The contents of Vegetables West Magazine are relevant, concise, to the point, and specific to our local industry.  It always leaves me wanting to learn more.

-Todd Hirasuna, Fresno Vegetable Grower

-Todd Hirasuna, <em>Fresno Vegetable Grower</em>

Our Team

Get in Touch with the Malcolm Media Ag Publishing Team by calling 559-298-6020!

Dan Malcolm

Dan Malcolm


Founder of Malcolm Media, Dan Malcolm grew up in California agriculture on the family farm. He also worked closely with his father in the manufacture of irrigation products. Dan has a BA from CSU, Fresno. Dan is the winner of the prestigious VERC 1998 Grape Day Industry Award, and winner of the 2001 NAMA “Best of the West” Persuasive Writing Award. Most important to Dan is his good wife Monica and their 12 children, who all participate in this family business.

dan@malcolmmedia.com • 559-298-6020

Matthew Malcolm

Matthew Malcolm

Managing Editor

Matthew grew up in the family ag publishing business and has been involved in most aspects of the operation from his youth. He has a strong interest and educational background in horticulture. He has operated “Front Yard Farms” since he was a boy, producing and selling locally grown fruits and vegetables to friends and other members of his community.

matthew@malcolmmedia.com • 559-298-6020

Patrick Cavanaugh

Patrick Cavanaugh


Patrick has a BS in Agricultural Production from the University of Florida. In the 80s he managed a vineyard. In 1994 he joined Malcolm Media to become partner in PNP and Vegetables West. He is the recipient of the “Best of the West” 2002 NAMA Persuasive Writing Award, and the 2006, 2009 and 2014 Fresno County Farm Bureau journalism awards.


Danny Malcolm II

Danny Malcolm II

Account Executive

Danny is the eldest son of Publisher Dan Malcolm, is an account executive and the former trade show manager. He has been around agricultural magazine publishing all of his life and has become a valuable asset in advertising sales. Contact Danny for all your advertising needs!

danny2@malcolmmedia.com • 559-298-6020


Hyrum Malcolm

Hyrum Malcolm

Tradeshow Manager

With many years working at the Malcolm Media Expos, Hyrum is highly qualified to meet your needs in exhibiting at all of our expos.  If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring at any of our expos, don’t hesitate to call!

hyrum@malcolmmedia.com • 559-298-6020

Marina Malcolm

Marina Malcolm

Assistant Tradeshow Manager

The queen of organization, Marina does an amazing job at putting together our expos each year and is ready to help you with any of your exhibitor or sponsorship needs.  Outside of the office, Marina is a very talented musician who can skillfully play a variety of instruments.  You name it, she can play it!

marina@malcolmmedia.com • 559-298-6020

Cory Duersch

Cory Duersch

Office Manager

Our very own, Pam Beesley, Cory Duersch is always there to answer your calls!  In the office, he is a perfectionist with six pens in his pocket at all times, ready to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.  Otherwise, you just might meet him out in the backcountry leading a troop of Boy Scouts through the wilderness.

cory@malcolmmedia.com • 559-298-6020

Mike Lawless

Mike Lawless

Print Productions

A lover of drag racing, motorcycles, 80s metal, and antique tractors, Mike Lawless is a well rounded, and very talented artist.  He has been working with Malcolm Media in graphic design and layout of all of our publications since 1998.

production@malcolmmedia.com • 559-298-6020

William Malcolm

William Malcolm

Digital Productions

William is our Web Designer and Graphic Artist for our Digital Publications.  Outside of working on his computer, he loves the great outdoors, especially rock climbing.  Feel free to contact William if you have any suggestions for the websites.

william@malcolmmedia.com • 559-298-6020