Online Calendar Sponsorship

Online Calendar Sponsorship


Our online industry calendars are a high traffic portion of our sites where industry members search, post and share relevant events.  Sponsorship includes a banner ad 790×185 at the top of all calendar related pages on the site.  This includes month-view pages, list-view pages, event pages, and even event submission pages.

Added Value:

  • Includes calendar update email sponsorship (your ad placed near the top of the upcoming events emails sent twice monthly to our entire readership)


The online calendar sponsorship is available in all brands excluding California Ag Network.  For American Vineyard Magazine and Pacific Nut Producer Magazine, the online calendar sponsorship is only available as added value to the Print Calendar Sponsorship.


  • File types accepted: JPG, GIF static only. No rotating, animated or rich media
  • Image Size: 790×185
  • Max file size: 50k

Available Through These Brands: