Digital Publication Ad Specifications

Digital Publication Ad Specifications

Available Through These Brands:

All advertising materials should be submitted via email to copying your sales representative for confirmation purposes. This includes graphics as well as desired click thru url for ad linking.

  • Files should be supplied in PDF/X1a (press ready) format or animated GIF for looping animation ads.
  • Include/embed all fonts and artwork.
  • Density of 144 PPI required for all images.
  • Limit file name to 24 characters including the extensions.
  • Files must be single pages or spreads, no multipage files.
  • Do not nest PDF files in other PDFs, EPS files in other EPSs.
  • Do not use illegal characters in file names.

Files that do not meet the above requirements may not produce the desired outcome of the creator.  Malcolm Media assumes no responsibility for  outcomes not intended by the creator of the advertising.

  • For ads not supplied in time to make the production deadline, Malcolm Media reserves the right to use the latest version we have on file and invoice the client fo the contracted ads.
  • Malcolm Media makes no changes to any ad as supplied from the agency or advertiser, as it might have an unintended outcome that Malcolm Media would be responsible for. Ads will be run as received unless changes are requested in documented form.
  • Malcolm Media reserves the right to refuse advertising if copy or artwork is not in keeping with the publisher’s standards.
  • Advertisers and agencies assume liability for all content of advertisements printed and assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against the publisher.
  • Advertising simulating editorial is subject to approval and will be marked “Advertisement.”

Digital Publication Ad Specifications

Double Page Spread

Size:17″ x 11″
Live Area:15.5″ x 10″

1/2 Page Spread

Size:17″ x 5.5″
Live Area:15.5″ x 5″

Full Page

Size:8.5″ x 11″
Live Area:7″ x 10″

3/4 Page

Size:8.5″ x 8″
Live Area:7″ x 7.5″

2/3 Page Vertical

Size:5.3125″ x 11″
Live Area:4.5625″ x 10″

2/3 Page Horizontal

Size:8.5″ x 7″
Live Area:7″ x 6.625″

1/2 Page Horizontal

Size:8.5″ x 5.5″
Live Area:7″ x 5″

1/2 Page Corner

Size:4.5625″ x 7.5″

1/2 Page Vertical

Size:4.125″ x 11″
Live Area:3.375″ x 10″

1/3 Page Vertical

Size:2.875″ x 11″
Live Area:2.125″ x 10″

1/3 Page Corner Non Bleed

Size:4.5625″ x 5″

1/3 Page Horizontal

Size:8.5″ x 3.75″
Live Area7″ x 3.25″

1/4 Page Horizontal

Size:8.5″ x 3″
Live Area:7″ x 2.625″

1/4 Page Corner Horizontal Non Bleed

Size:4.5625″ x 3.75″

1/4 Page Corner Vertical Non Bleed

Size:3.375″ x 5″

1/6 Page Horizontal Non Bleed

Size:4.5625″ x 2.5″

1/6 Page Vertical Non Bleed

Size:2.125″ x 5″

1/8 Page Non Bleed

Size:2.125″ x 3.75″

1/16 Page Non Bleed

Size:2.1225″ x 1.875″

Business Card

Size:3.375″ x 2″